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  • 24/7 online ordering system
  • Worldwide Delivery
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Women's Categories at Fenchurch:
Accessories, Artist Tees, Denim, Dresses, Icon Shop, Jackets, Jersey, Knitwear, Pants, Skirts, Sunglasses, Sweats, Woven Tops, Womens Sale

Contact Details for Fenchurch:
Telephone Number: 0203 110 0300
Address: Fenchurch International Limited, Unit 30, Westwood Park Trading Estate, Concord Road, Acton, London W3 0TH, UK
Website URL:

The history of Fenchurch starts in 2000, when a group of friends who made their own clothing decided to take it a step further. They decided to create clothes for people like them as well, i.e. people who searched for an individual style they could identify with. Hence the company was born and the name Fenchurch was chosen, named after the London area where the group friends used to gather to skate.

Their first spring clothing collection was launched in 2002 and sold out in 4 weeks, transforming the Fenchurch brand into a success right from the start. In 2003 Fenchurch launched their first women's collection of sexy and feminine streetwear. Their womenswear collections have grown over the years and now include trendy dresses, hoodies, womens tops, t-shirts, skirts, sweats, cardigans, jackets, denim jeans, accessories and more.

They're really an international company and brand these days and the trendy Fenchurch women's collections are now available from stocklists and stores all over the world. From the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Scandinavia and Czech Republic to Russia, America, Korea and Australia. And of course, you can order all their womens clothes direct online from their official website as well.

The official Fenchurch flagship shop at 36 Earlham Street, Covent Garden London was opened in 2005. Over the years they've featured ads in UK lifestyle and clothing mags like Dazed and Confused, The Face and ID as well as European magazines like Lodown, Streetwear Today, Blast and Spray. They also launched a Fenchurch Friendly range of organic and fairly traded women's clothes. While Prince Harry was pictured in one of their T-Shirts as well, their clothing and womenswear have been endorsed by celebrities like Goldielock and Just Jack over the years.

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